The lessor provides the aircraft with complete crew, maintenance, aircraft parts, fuel consumption and other personnel and equipment, and the lessee only operates and uses it, paying rent to the lessor. According to the lease agreement agreed by both parties, during the lease process, the fuselage logo and fuselage painting of the leased aircraft remain unchanged, and the international aviation identification number of the aircraft remains unchanged, and the lessor still holds the ownership of the aircraft.

The wet lease service provided by our company meets all the requirements of the lessee, lessor and civil aircraft. Receive information quickly, have extensive investigation channels, provide detailed information, involve many models, and provide stable wet rental service.

After accepting the client's entrustment, the group company will immediately send a professional wet rent team to conduct analysis and demonstration through special market investigation channels, and then provide the detailed feasibility investigation report to the client free of charge. To provide customers with point-to-point, face-to-face, one-stop to multi-stop global wet rental business. In addition, we collect aviation resources around the world to carry out aircraft wet lease business. There are many models of wet lease business, involving 737-300F, 757-200PCF, 767-300F, 747-400F and other models, which can guarantee the shipment of your goods in a stable, fast, efficient and affordable way.