According to the charter contract signed by the public air transport enterprise and the charterer, the irregular flights between points, including ordinary charter flights, special plane flights, first aid charter flights, tourist charter flights, etc., are relative to the flight transportation, which refers to the aircraft transportation with irregular sailing, indefinite routes, indefinite departure stations, indefinite destination ports and indefinite passing stations.

Our company has rich experience in international air transportation, with high frequency and strong transportation safety, and is equipped with the most professional aviation leasing experts and leasing teams, which can meet the service needs of different customers.

In the whole year of 2018, our company carried out a total of 56 flights of 747-400F charter flights from Budapest, Hungary, China, and has rich experience in charter flights.

During the epidemic in 2020, the group company, as the designated transportation service agent in many European countries, transported more than 40 charter flights of different types and 1,100 tons of epidemic prevention materials. It involves more than 100 kinds of materials such as masks, isolation suits, goggles, detection reagents, forehead temperature guns and breathing machines. All charter flights are delivered safely within the time limit.

The company has professional aviation leasing experts, ground support experts and qualified customs declaration specialists, and has long-term cooperation with various ports, airports and other departments, with a good and smooth communication platform. The leasing team owned by the company can provide global air charter, peer-to-peer, door-to-door consulting services, and is willing to recruit partners to jointly operate short-term and long-term charter business at various points in the world.