Set sail, Zhengzhou⇋Leipzig's first voyage is successful!


Set sail, Zhengzhou⇋Leipzig's first voyage is successful!


Congratulations to our CGO⇋LEJ scheduled flight for the successful maiden flight, and we continue to set off with our ideals!

Warm celebration for the successful launching of CGO ⇋ LEJ scheduled flight!

Following the smooth operation of CGO⇋BUD flights for one year, Universe Tongda Air Transport Service Co., Ltd. (Universe Airlines) provides customers with another transportation program in Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

On November 2, 2021, Beijing time, a new all-cargo route "Zhengzhou⇋Leipzig" will be launched, with the model B747-400F. The first flight will land at Zhengzhou Airport at 0850 this morning and take off at Zhengzhou Airport at 1350. The "Zhengzhou⇋Leipzig" route is the second China-Europe normalized special line flight opened by Universe after "Zhengzhou⇋Budapest", with 1 round-trip per week in November 2021, 2 round-trips per week in December, and starting from January 2022 There are 4 round trips a week.


Leipzig Airport in Germany is the fourth largest cargo airport in Europe, the hub of the world's largest cargo company DHL in Europe, and the European air cargo center of Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce company. In 2021, Leipzig Airport will achieve a throughput of more than 1.4 million tons. Since taking root in Zhengzhou for more than a year, Oneworld Airlines has been working hard with Zhengzhou Air Cargo Port as the starting point to connect more destinations with development potential. Promote the layout of air transportation capacity in the overseas cargo terminal project of Henan Airport Group. In order to realize the "national cargo transportation, independent and controllable" China's air cargo renaissance has made efforts to advance.




The incoming cargo volume of the first shift is about 100T, mainly for auto parts, molds, household goods, etc.; the outbound cargo volume is pre-allocated with a full load of 100T, mainly for e-commerce, telecommunications equipment, mechanical parts, clothing, etc.



Relying on the convenient and fast 9610, 9710, 9810 customs clearance channels of Zhengzhou Cargo Airport, it promotes the rapid sales channels of e-commerce retail, overseas warehouse platforms, and direct sales platforms in Central and Eastern Europe. In the future, Huanyu Tongda will provide customers with more professional and personalized solutions to choose from, improve service efficiency and meet needs.


UTLINK, do not forget the original intention, set sail!