Hungary's first government freighter flies to Zhengzhou Airport for the first time in the world! Air Silk Road adds another regular route


     Henan Daily Client Reporter Song Min Correspondent Shi Shufang

     On December 12, on the cargo apron of Zhengzhou Airport, an A330-200F all-cargo aircraft with a clean white fuselage was particularly eye-catching. This is the first all-cargo aircraft procured and owned by the Hungarian government. It arrived in Zhengzhou, China on its first flight in the world, marking the official opening of the all-cargo route from Zhengzhou to Budapest.

Hungarian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to China (Pesti Máté) attended the opening ceremony.

     It is understood that the all-cargo aircraft is owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Affairs of Hungary and is carried by (Wizz Air Hungary). This is the first time that the Hungarian government-owned all-cargo aircraft has flown to Zhengzhou, China as a full commercial operation.

     In the afternoon, an all-cargo plane loaded with auto parts, anti-epidemic kits, e-commerce items and other materials took off from Zhengzhou Airport and arrived directly at the Henan Airport Group’s overseas cargo terminal in Budapest Airport, Hungary. At present, this cargo terminal is the first domestic civil aviation airport. Overseas cargo stations.

    "I am very honored to come to Zhengzhou to witness the arrival of this newly launched cargo flight. This is a truly special and extraordinary event." At the inaugural ceremony, Ambassador Bai Sidi said that the establishment of this new cargo route , Will further promote the interconnection between China and Hungary and the continuous growth of bilateral trade, which also shows that a pragmatic, mutually beneficial and win-win partnership is the real driving force behind China-Hungary economic cooperation.

     Since the epidemic prevention and control, Hungary has imported a considerable amount of medical supplies from China. So far, a total of 185 all-cargo aircraft have carried a large number of masks, ventilators, medicines, syringes, patient monitors and personal protective equipment through Zhengzhou and other major airports in China. Shipped to Hungary. This is why the Hungarian government is determined to purchase this cargo plane.

     With the opening of the Hungarian government cargo airline, the operator, Universal translink, will increase the original transportation capacity from Zhengzhou to Budapest from 4 times a week to 8 times a week, which can transport 1,200 tons of cargo every week. Zhengzhou and Budapest airports will become China travels to and from the largest air cargo hub and airport in Central and Eastern Europe.

     Ambassador Bai Sidi said that Henan Province has always been an important partner of Hungary in many fields, including aviation and logistics. Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and Budapest Liszt Liszt International Airport have started close cooperation; Henan Airport Group has set up an overseas cargo terminal in Budapest; Budapest International Airport has set up a "Budapest-Zhengzhou Exclusive Overseas Cargo Station" in Zhengzhou, which proves the relationship between the two parties. Extraordinary and outstanding cooperation.

     Kang Shengzhen, chairman of Henan Airport Group, said that the Henan Airport Group’s overseas cargo terminal project has created a precedent in my country’s civil aviation industry. Other government departments have also given high attention and strong support to this project. According to statistics, up to now, there have been 360 cargo flights between Zhengzhou and Budapest, with a cargo volume of more than 20,000 tons, which provides solid support for the continuous construction of Zhengzhou Airport's European regional distribution hub.

     In the first November of this year, Zhengzhou Airport completed a total of 635,000 tons of cargo and mail throughput, a year-on-year increase of 11.9%, ranking 6th in the country; of which, the international area’s cargo and mail throughput was 492,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 23.4%. At present, there are 31 all-cargo airlines operating at Zhengzhou Airport (including 25 in the international region) and 48 all-cargo airlines (including 38 in the international region).

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