Global anti-epidemic, UTL Group in action


The New coronavirus outbreak continues to increase globally, Many countries are in urgent need of supplies for epidemic prevention. Universal TransLink ( Beijing ) Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as UTL) pays close attention to the global epidemic situation, opens the Shenzhen-Budapest charter line urgently under the tight condition of global cargo capacity,and successfully completed the entire supply chain task of the first batch procurement of emergency medical supplies from China by Hungarian government.

The Hungarian government issued an emergency project to purchase epidemic prevention materials from China at 3:00 a.m. on March 17th. UTL was entrusted with mission at the critical moment, and immediately set up a material preparation team to allocate all the resources of the company to support the deployment and transportation of this task.

Time is life, our people accomplished a number of materials dispatch work in the shortest possible time, supervised the production on site for the key materials to ensure that the all materials to be transported meet the relevant standard and protocol. At the same time, with the assistance of the relevant departments, we got through all the Customs clearance matters extremely rapidly, to do a full preparation for the export of materials. Cargos from all over the country were gathered in Shenzhen, more than 60 tons of material were packed and loaded in Shenzhen airport, and fully installed in the early morning of March 24th with the great help and strong coordination from the leaders and responsible persons of Shenzhen Airport.

Suparna Airlines from HNA Group, which was responsible for the transportation of epidemic-prevention materials, assigned three captains on this mission. The charter flight took off at 2:46 a.m. on March 24th and landed safely at Budapest Liszt International Airport at 6:36 a.m. local time on March 24th .

Mr. Orbán Viktor, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Parkovic, the Minister of Innovation and Technology, and Mr. Duan Jielong, Chinese Ambassador to Hungary, were waiting to receive the cargo at the airport and boarded the plane to check the purchases carefully. In an interview at the airport, Mr. Parkovic thanked Chinese friends for their effective and prompt assistance to the Hungarian and Hungarian people. Anti-epidemic supplies were then distributed to major hospitals, giving the Hungarian people valuable time to fight the outbreak.

It took only 7 days for the UTL to complete the mission from receiving the task. And from flight approval, organize and loading of the cargo, and departure and landed smoothly to Budapest, only 96 hours did the process take. During this period, we felt the strong support of all departments: we received full assistance from the competent authorities of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when applying for relevant procedures; the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the South China Air Traffic Control have made great contributions to ensure the safety of this transport;Suparna Airlines from HNA Group, Shenzhen Airport and other units, made great efforts for the smooth completion of the transport escort.

At present, the global epidemic is still serious, medical materials in other areas are still very scarce, short of masks, protective supplies, ventilators. UTL anti-epidemic action of will continue, we will make full use of our own supply chain advantages to assistance people as much as possible.

Action continues as long as the epidemic situation. We sincerely believe that truth and kindness will eventually overcome confrontation, care will eventually overcome panic, and human will surely win the final victory against the epidemic.