More freight charters will increase in May


Due to the continuous growth of transportation demand for the anti-epidemic material all over the world, UTL Group develops the "Commercial-to-Freighter" charter business urgently, increases the transportation capability by transforming the commercial aircraft to freighter so as to support the transportation of anti-epidemic material.

On April 25, UTL Group operated a Boeing-767 as the"Commercial-to-Freighter " charter flight, which was loaded with nearly 14 tons of anti-epidemic materials, to execute the transportation mission from Zhengzhou Airport to Budapest successfully.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic globally, UTL Grouphas transported more than 1,000 tons of anti-epidemic materials, successfully completed several times of the anti-epidemic materials transportation by AN-124large freighter, and launched the business for "Commercial-to-Freighter" charter.

At present, the demand for air cargo is still high. UTL Group will increase more numbers of freight charter flights in May, which will include but not limit to Israel, all across Europe, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago and other places around the world.

UTL Group has a highly qualified and experienced professional team to escort your cargo.

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