The OneWorld "Air Silk Road China-Hungary Air Express" will operate seven cargo flights a week


On the afternoon of January 26, 2021, the signing ceremony of China-Hungary Air Cargo Hub Project on the Air Silk Road was held at Zhengzhou Airport.
Warmly congratulated by Oneworld Group: Henan Air Cargo Development Co., Ltd. and China-Europe Trade and Logistics Cooperation Park Co., Ltd. successfully signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on China-Hungary Air Cargo Hub Project along the Air Silk Road.

Group owned by the whole prosperous worldwide air transportation service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as aviation worldwide), since it was established in June 2020 in zhengzhou, in henan province airport group co., LTD., under the support of many partners, in October 2020 success "Budapest - zhengzhou zhengzhou -" air routes, were completed more than 40 shift the transport of flight operations, the total freight volume of more than 2000 tons.

According to the agreement, henan airport group will cooperate for the first time in Europe to set up an overseas cargo terminal, which is the first time in China's civil aviation industry. "The overseas cargo depot of zhengzhou airport refers to the depot which is built in an overseas airport and can provide ground operation services such as loading and unloading, warehousing, customs clearance and distribution for the goods going to and from zhengzhou airport." Xiao-tao chang, chairman of henan airport group freight company introduction, the overseas freight station based on the logistics pattern, through the series at home and abroad the resources advantage, to provide import and export goods and extend the ground service chain, provide customs clearance, multimodal transport, foreign distribution, such as comprehensive, one-stop logistics service, cross-border trade in order to effectively solve the aviation logistics facing logistics limitation, last mile delivery, customs clearance, logistics links the entire visualization efficiency, after-sales service, localization, operation and so on. After the establishment of the overseas cargo terminal, the operation, information and other data interconnection between Zhengzhou Airport and Budapest Airport will be realized through the "Overseas Cargo Terminal Information Service Platform".

As henan province airport group co., LTD., chairman said at the signing ceremony on Mr Kang province frame: the signing, will set up in a new "silk road" air, become the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries as the bridge and the link, will continue to increase in the friendship between both peoples, open china-hungary quality to build new chapter "in all the way"!

Based on the strategic cooperation and the complete aviation network, advanced comprehensive security capability and efficient customs clearance of Zhengzhou Airport, Oneworld Airways is committed to the strategic cooperation. "Zhengzhou-Budapest-Zhengzhou" cargo flights will be launched seven times a week, completing the seamless connection of daily cargo flights between China and Hungary.
The company will live up to its mission and make down-to-earth efforts to provide customers with seamless air network services between China and Central and Eastern Europe and covering the whole Central and Eastern Europe with Budapest as the center, thus contributing to the "China-Hungary Air Silk Road".