Hungary's first special train of anti-epidemic supplies to China and Europe has arrived in Hungary


With the decline of international air and container routes, the China-Europe freight train is gradually becoming an efficient logistics channel to stabilize the international logistics supply chain and ensure the transportation of epidemic prevention materials in international cooperation.

The first China-Europe freight train with anti-epidemic supplies to Hungary has arrived in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. On April 30, attending the arrival ceremony, Secretary of State for Innovation and Technology of Hungary, Mozozi Laszlo, gave an interview to the main station reporter. He said the normal operation of China-Europe freight trains is of great significance to the resumption of work and production in both countries.

MOZYOZ LASLO, SECRETARY OF STATE, HUNGarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology: The resumption of the land link between China and Hungary is a very important event because it represents the economic restart of both China and Hungary. The China-Europe freight train will boost the economic development of both countries.

Laszlo said that the regular and stable operation of China-Europe freight trains has ensured the continuous cooperation between China and Europe in the industrial and supply chains, despite the global logistics delays caused by the epidemic.

MOZOZ LASLO, SECRETARY OF STATE, HUNGARIAN MINISTER OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: The China-Europe freight train with containers plays an important role in ensuring the supply of medical supplies, but more importantly, in ensuring the flow of goods and goods between China and Hungary, and between the Far East and the Central Europe.
Laszlo also said that in the face of the virus, which is the common enemy of mankind, China has worked with other countries to promote international cooperation against the epidemic, demonstrating the responsibility of a responsible major country.

MOSHAZZI LASLO, SECRETARY OF STATE, HUNGarian MINISTRY OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: Now China is helping other countries affected by the epidemic, and we are very grateful for that. During the epidemic emergency, China proved itself to be a reliable friend. A large number of ventilators, protective equipment and masks have greatly improved Hungary's ability to prevent the epidemic.
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