More than 300 tons of anti-epidemic supplies to Europe in the air cargo plane "An-124" to set off again!


The international epidemic remains at a high level and the prevention and control situation remains grim. For epidemic prevention and control, whether the international logistics supply chain is smooth or not is directly related to the supply capacity of epidemic prevention materials.

World Travel Group assisted the international transportation of epidemic prevention materials, and operated four transshipment missions of "giant" AN-124 air cargo planes for epidemic prevention materials within three weeks. A total of more than 300 tons of supplies took off from Zhengzhou Airport and were successively sent to various parts of Europe.

As an important node on the "Air Silk Road" and an international air cargo hub airport, Zhengzhou Airport has become a major international exit channel for urgently needed epidemic prevention materials, and the warehouse burst frequently occurs.

In order to ensure the "fast and smooth delivery" of the epidemic prevention materials transported by our company, World Group has coordinated several employees to form a "Freight Support Strike Team" to ensure the on-site security. Working side by side, the commandos put boxes of epidemic prevention materials into the cargo hold one by one, layer by layer and neatly, and quickly completed the loading of the cargo.

Work hand in hand to overcome the difficulties! On April 22, 2020, the "Big Mac" AN-124 will set off again!