The fight against the epidemic continues


At present, the global epidemic is spreading rapidly and the situation is grim. Many countries (regions) have taken temporary entry control measures. Under the epidemic situation, the international transportation channel is widespread. Many countries (regions) in the world have taken temporary entry control measures, which has formed a huge pressure on the emergency transportation of epidemic prevention materials.

World Access Group has overcome difficulties and successfully completed the charter flight mission on March 24. Urgent addition of zhengzhou-budapest on April 3, April 4 charter missions. In order to transport more supplies in a shorter time, World Access Special Envoy used the world's second largest transport aircraft, AN-124 and Boeing 747, to carry more than 120 tons of anti-epidemic supplies.

▲"Big Mac" -- the world's second largest transport aircraft AN-124

World Access's response to the epidemic continues and we will continue to work harder to alleviate the shortage of supplies to Europe. The epidemic is not eradicated, action is not stopped!