China and Hungary signed an agreement to build an air cargo hub


Source: People's Daily Online

BUDAPEST, Jan. 26 (People's Daily) -- Hungary's China-Europe Trade and Logistics Cooperation Park and Henan Air Cargo Development Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of an overseas cargo terminal in Budapest to jointly promote the implementation of an air cargo hub project in Hungary.

In October 2020, the round-trip chartered cargo flight between Zhengzhou and Budapest was officially opened, establishing a fast and efficient air logistics channel between China and Hungary as well as CEE countries. Since the opening of the cargo route, flights have been full and in short supply, reflecting the continued strong demand for trade and logistics between China and Hungary and between China and Europe. Hungary the china-europe trade logistics park, chief executive of wujiang said, "we through their respective regions, routes and supply of goods, such as resource advantage, set up to connect China and Hungary, air of the silk road, at the same time extend to European port, land port multimodal transport project form and convenient international logistics network, booster air cargo business, high quality development."

Mosoch Laszlo, Hungarian State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, who attended the signing ceremony, said that in recent years, Hungary's policy of "opening up to the East" has been highly aligned with the "One Belt And One Road" initiative and the "17 1 Cooperation" and has made encouraging achievements. We are ready to make full use of Hungary's geographical advantage in central Europe, promote cooperation between China, Hungary and the CEE region in such areas as trade, e-commerce, aviation logistics and customs data connectivity, and comprehensively upgrade logistics and international service trade. The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology will strongly support Hungarian enterprises in carrying out pragmatic and innovative cooperation with Chinese enterprises to achieve win-win results.

Liu Bo, Minister Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, said, "China-Hungary practical cooperation has broad prospects and huge potential. Hope the signing of the agreement, can be achieved in zhengzhou, Budapest cross-border trade in goods between China and the eu set with thin, further advance the austro-hungarian aviation logistics information platform construction, and the cargo data connectivity, jointly produce freight development of new growth pole, to stabilize foreign trade base, to build domestic and international dual cycle to contribute to the new development pattern ".

Hungary the china-europe trade logistics park is the only carrier in China in the global main logistics industry of the national foreign trade and economic cooperation zones, at the same time is national cross-border electricity business pilot unit outside storage, national international marketing services, public platform, operation china-eu trains and the sea express, contributing to important china-hungary business trade, logistics cooperation.

Henan Air Cargo Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of air cargo business of Zhengzhou Airport. In 2020, the total volume of air cargo of Zhengzhou Airport will exceed 600,000 tons, ranking 6th in China and becoming an important air cargo hub in central China.