China transport production index released in February freight index maintained a fast growth momentum



CCTV News: Today (March 15), the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport released China's transport production index in February. The year-on-year growth rate of transport production in February fluctuated greatly due to the impact of the epidemic, but compared with the same period two years ago, it showed the characteristics of "freight transport maintained rapid growth, and the decline of passenger transport increased significantly".

China's transport production index (CTSI) stood at 143.2 points in February, up 55.0% year on year. In terms of structure, the CTSI freight index was 179.3 points, up 41.7% year on year; The CTSI passenger transport index stood at 67.2 points, up 151.1 percent year on year, but still down 59.3 percent from February 2019.

Influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic, the corresponding base in 2020 was relatively low, leading to obvious fluctuations in the CTSI index. However, the CTSI index shows the characteristics of "freight transport maintains rapid growth and passenger transport declines expand significantly" in a two-year cycle analysis. From January to February this year, the average CTSI freight index was 180.8 points, up 14.7% compared with the same period two years ago, that is, from January to February 2019, and the two-year growth rate continued to maintain at about 15%. From the long-term relationship between freight and economic development, it shows that China's economy has continued to recover steadily since this year. The average CTSI passenger transport index was 80.0 points, down by 51.1% compared with the same period two years ago, which was mainly influenced by the rebound of the epidemic in local areas at the beginning of this year and the requirement of local Spring Festival.

China Transport Production Index (CTSI) is a weighted synthesis based on the passenger and cargo traffic volumes of railways, highways, waterways and civil aviation. It comprehensively reflects the overall operation situation of the transportation industry. The index is composed of the comprehensive index and two sub-indexes, passenger transport and freight transport.