The volume of freight trains running between China and Europe both increased



CCTV News: Since the beginning of this year, China Railway Group has optimized the transportation organization, carried out in-depth international combined transportation cooperation, and continuously improved the operation quality of China-Europe freight trains, realizing the growth of both the operating volume and the cargo volume.

On the morning of February 10th, the 75055 China-Europe freight train, loaded with medical supplies, electronic products, auto parts, clothing and household goods, set off from Zhengzhou Central Station of China Railway Union. It will depart from Erenhot and is expected to arrive in Katowice, Poland in about 15 days.

At Wujiashan Station in Wuhan, China, the China-Europe Railway Express X8015 is being loaded. The train will carry more than 500 tons of electronic products, clothes, shoes and hats, and anti-disease supplies, and will run from Xinjiang Alashankou to Duisburg, Germany, via the Handan and Jiaoliu lines on the eve of the Chinese New Year. In order to ensure the safe, stable and unimpeded international freight passage, China Railway Group continues to deepen the cooperation in international combined transport to ensure the time-efficiency of freight train overseas transport.

Since the beginning of this year, 1,590 freight trains have run between China and Europe, carrying 150,000 TEU, representing year-on-year growth of 93 percent and 103 percent in freight volume. China now has more than 100 China-Europe freight trains running in 30 cities, connecting 106 cities in 21 European countries and covering most of the Central and Eastern European countries.