Build a new development pattern for international air cargo hub services


Source: Dahe Net - Henan Daily

The 12th Plenary Session of the 10th Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of Henan Provincial Party Committee put forward that we should make greater efforts to integrate into the new development pattern, invigorate the circulation environment, tap the potential to expand domestic demand, expand the level of opening up, and strive to build an important fulcrum of the great domestic cycle and a strategic link between domestic and international double cycles. Zhengzhou airport type national logistics hub is an important part of modern logistics operation system, "difference", to relying on the zhengzhou airport, henan national logistics hub, build the central region an important aviation portal opening to the outside world, for the construction of modern circulation system, build inland open highland, build the new development, expand the new space pattern of the new kinetic energy savings.

Build an international air cargo hub and accelerate the agglomeration of airport industries in port areas

In 2019, Zhengzhou became one of the first batch of cities selected as the national airport logistics hub by virtue of its prominent location advantages and mature construction and operation conditions. Zhengzhou airport logistics hub in the experimental area airport airport core type countries, on the basis of national demonstration construction of logistics park, integrate the zhengzhou airport west freight area, north freight area, xinzheng integrated free trade zone (excluding bonded processing facilities) stock of outstanding logistics functions, resources, coordinated operation, better infrastructure platform cohesion function area, north (development) and west (complementary function) two area. Zhengzhou Airport has opened 34 all-cargo air routes and 208 passenger air routes, and its international and regional cargo volume ranks the top in China. It has basically formed a hub air route network spanning Europe, the United States and Asia and covering major economies in the world. Built a putting-in-service proactively aviation port at the same time, zhengzhou with fresh aquatic products, meat, fruit, ice live cattle, consumption of aquatic animals, international mail, and other special goods import designated ports, built putting-in-service proactively henan center of electronic port, port assignments section, explore the implementation of the "7 x 24 hours" booking customs clearance system, preliminary built inland full-lined series, the most efficient port system, a most complete functions, efficiency is the highest port system is fast formation.

Relying on the national logistics hub airport type, zhengzhou has advantages and opportunities, more and more industrial layout, the body area of the airport area is developing rapidly in recent years, aviation logistics, intelligent terminal manufacturing industries is more outstanding, especially a represented by intelligent terminal of world-class advanced electronic information manufacturing industry cluster are developing steadily. The construction of national airport logistics hub in Zhengzhou is helping to form eight industrial clusters of intelligent terminal, precision machinery, biomedical, e-commerce, aviation logistics, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, electronic information, and modern services. The effect of industrial clusters in driving economic development is prominent.

However, to build an international air cargo hub on the "Air China Silk Road" and an airport type national logistics hub, Zhengzhou still has some shortcomings, which are mainly manifested in infrastructure interconnection, operation efficiency of multimodal transport and hinterland economic development, which need to be further strengthened. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen the functions of hubs, strengthen the construction of aviation, railway, highway and other facilities, improve the functions of aviation, railway and highway hubs, and optimize and perfect the layout of hub facilities. Enhance the connectivity and synergistic development capacity of various hubs, improve the development level of airport logistics hubs, and enhance the competitiveness of airport logistics hubs. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen interconnection, build and improve the construction of international aviation hubs, not only to enhance the ability to connect the logistics market, but also to improve and improve the functions of air traffic hubs.

Build a global hub airline network to form an efficient and convenient logistics system

The modern logistics industry runs through the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, connecting production and consumption at one end and playing a fundamental, strategic and pioneering role in the development of the national economy. Accelerating the construction of a new development pattern has set higher requirements for giving full play to the important role of the logistics industry. From the perspective of domestic circulation, the production side should further create a low-cost and efficient logistics environment, promote the deep integration and innovative development of the logistics industry and manufacturing industry, and provide strong support for the optimization of industrial organization mode and the enhancement of regional advantages and industrial competitiveness. In terms of international circulation, China's accumulative import of goods is expected to exceed US $22 trillion in the coming decade. The new development pattern calls for constantly adjusting and optimizing the international logistics pattern to better adapt to changes in the direction of foreign trade, the structure of goods export and the mode of trade. The construction of airport logistics hub in Zhengzhou means the hub-and-spoke network transportation. At present, there is a big gap in terms of routes, airlines and docking international hub cities.

In accordance with the relevant National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) "difference" planning for the development of modern logistics, the logistics industry development will focus on promoting the eight system construction: one is to build "channel + + network" of logistics operation system, the second is to establish a safe and reliable modern supply chain system, three is the development of intensive and efficient logistics service system, four is to improve the innovation can assign logistics economy, five is powerful sound security emergency logistics system, and establish six is inline outside of international logistics system, division of seven is to foster coordination system of logistics market main body, eight is solidify the logistics base for scientific and complete system.

At present, as the zhongzhou Long Hao aviation aerospace and central plains the main operating base to be born in zhengzhou, gradually form henan native and foreign airline intercontinental air cargo short route long routes, the development pattern of complementary advantages to each other, the service local economic development, the increase of henan zhengzhou international aviation hub logistics industry competitiveness, boost high quality construction, expand the "silk road" air route network will have positive significance. At the same time, the construction of the third phase of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and the South Airport High-speed Railway Station will not only boost the next development of the airport, but also promote the new positioning of "Hub + Logistics + Opening-up" as the national central city of Zhengzhou. In addition, Henan Aviation Investment Co., Ltd. is also conducive to building an integrated operation platform of "dual cargo airlines", "dual hubs" and "dual bases" by taking a stake in Luxembourg Cargo Airlines and holding Zhongyuan Longhao Airlines.

To promote the development of Zhengzhou airport logistics hub, we should focus on the following aspects: First, speed up the construction of infrastructure. The infrastructure of Xinzheng Airport is still relatively weak, and compared with other mature airports, there is still room for greater progress. The infrastructure construction of Xinzheng Airport should be accelerated, such as the construction of the third runway of the airport and the north cargo area. Enhance the road facilitation around the airport, reduce the occupation of the freight vehicle lane in and out of the airport by miscellaneous vehicles, and improve the transshipment level of the airport cargo area. Second, we will optimize and improve connectivity and integrate service networks. Optimize and improve the facilities layout of the above ground and underground networks, construct an airport logistics hub with railway, highway and aviation as one and closely intersecting, and form a three-dimensional comprehensive transportation network with airports connecting the world, railways radiating to China and highways radiating to the surrounding areas. Third, improve the logistics system and develop the hub economy. Relying on the airport logistics hub, an efficient and convenient logistics system can be formed to enable the rapid transfer and distribution of international and domestic goods, and improve the logistics capacity of the hub. Fourth, we will coordinate regional airports and general aviation airports in the province, enhance their development potential by actively integrating into major national strategies, cultivate development advantages by gathering high-end resources, and create new growth drivers in deepening reform and opening up.

(Tong Xinshun, School of Economics and Management, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry)