"Double No.1" in Central China for 4 consecutive years! Zhengzhou airport in 2020 passenger and freight national ranking both jumped


Source: Henan Daily Client

Henan Daily client reporter Song Min correspondent Gu Changbao Cao Kai

January 8, Henan Airport Group released the 2020 "report card" : in 2020, Zhengzhou Airport completed the cargo handling capacity of 639,400 tons, improving to the sixth place in the country; The passenger throughput reached 21.4067 million person-times, and the national ranking was upgraded to the 11th place. Both passenger and freight rank were promoted to the first place in the national ranking. The transportation scale kept the "double first" in central China for four consecutive years.

In 2020, in the face of a variety of adverse effects, henan airport group in the build a solid defensive line, to prevent the spread of epidemic prevention and control of epidemic channels at the same time, systemic enhance the capacity of cargo security, optimization of station resources, innovation process, formed a complete set of combination operation security, at the same time promote the aviation logistics informationization, approved by the national only avionics cargo pilot, a sharp rise in the efficiency of cargo security, have withstood the test of the surge in goods, daily security, more than 3000 tons of freight many times the highest single-day amounted to more than 3300 tons, a record high.

At the same time, it has given full play to the advantages of international air cargo channels, closely communicated with aviation enterprises, introduced 9 new cargo airlines, opened 18 new cargo routes, and added 21 new cities, further strengthening the advantages of hub air route network. In 2020, Zhengzhou Airport will transport more than 50,000 tons of epidemic prevention materials, making positive contributions to global epidemic prevention and control and the stability of industrial and supply chains. At present, there are 31 all-cargo airlines operating in Zhengzhou Airport, 51 all-cargo flight routes have been opened, and 63 cities are accessible.

In addition, Henan Airport Group has also set up more than 10 specialized work classes to accelerate the promotion of key logistics projects related to long-term development, and many projects have produced fruitful results. Among them, the cooperation projects of China Post are particularly eye-catching. China Post has opened four new mail transportation lines and set up an international mail distribution center at Zhengzhou Airport, laying a foundation for promoting Zhengzhou Airport to become the fourth largest international mail hub port in China.

Unlike air cargo, which has been growing rapidly against the trend, air passenger transport has been greatly affected by the epidemic. In this regard, the Group has strengthened the planning and layout of its air route network, and made great efforts to build a smooth domestic and international dual circulation channel. The intercontinental passenger route between Zhengzhou and Helsinki opened in October 2020, becoming the first intercontinental scheduled passenger route newly opened in China after the outbreak of the epidemic. Fifteen new domestic traffic points were added, and Guilin Airlines, Urumqi Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines were introduced to set up an operation base in Zhengzhou. The number of overnight passenger planes at Zhengzhou Airport reached a record high of 55, providing capacity support for accelerating the recovery of passenger transport. At present, there are 54 passenger airlines operating in Zhengzhou Airport, 194 passenger routes have been opened and 132 cities are accessible to air traffic.

In the next step, Henan Airport Group will continue to do a good job of normal epidemic prevention and control, take the initiative to integrate into the new development pattern, promote the high-quality development of Zhengzhou aviation hub, further enhance the radiation and influence of "Air Silk Road", and provide aviation logistics channel support for driving Henan and even China's opening up to the outside world.