The role of China-Europe freight trains has been highlighted. "Bilateral linkage" has helped fight the epidemic and economic and trade cooperation


Source: CCTV News Client

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world, posing challenges to the economic development of all countries. Against the trend, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Hungary has been on the upswing, with the investment and trade volume growing by a large amount. The China-Europe Railway Express, which has been operating steadily in the face of the epidemic, has contributed a lot.

Recently, the China-Europe freight train to Hungary mainly carries epidemic prevention materials and supplies for resumption of work and production, including Hungary's first KN95 mask production line and production materials. The stable operation of China-Europe freight trains has provided an important guarantee for Hungary's fight against the epidemic.

Saab Zoltan, General Manager of Hungarian Ghibli Logistics Group: Due to the outbreak, there is a large backlog of seaborn cargo at the ports, and the air capacity has been greatly reduced. On the other hand, the demand for international logistics continues unabated, so railways play a very important role. The importance of China-Europe freight trains to the future has been highlighted, and the need for new lines or increased numbers of trains has become increasingly urgent.

Mozozi Laszlo, Secretary of State for Innovation and Technology, Hungary: During the emergency, China proved itself to be a reliable friend. A large number of ventilators, protective equipment and face masks have greatly improved Hungary's ability to fight the epidemic.

The first China-Europe freight train to Hungary started in Xi 'an in April 2017, and although it didn't start early, it has developed rapidly. In 2020, 46 China-Europe freight trains will run to Hungary, an increase of 360 percent year on year. Last year, against the backdrop of the overall downward trend in the world economy, China-Hungary economic and trade cooperation has been boosted. Bilateral trade increased by 14.4% year on year, and China has become Hungary's third largest trading partner.

LIBOI VICTOR, BUDAPEST FREIGHT MANAGER: In recent years, we have seen considerable growth and we are doing everything we can, such as improving operational efficiency and cargo handling capacity, to cope with the surge. It greatly shortens the transportation time and, on the other hand, is much cheaper for customers than air freight. So I think that the multimodal transport from China to Europe has brought about a revolution.

At present, relevant agencies of the two countries are also promoting cooperation under the China-initiated "Bilateral Linkage" mechanism, that is, by promoting the joint cooperation between the domestic comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce and the overseas state-level economic and trade cooperation zones, helping to connect all links in the whole chain of import and export of cross-border e-commerce. Under this mechanism, the cross-border e-commerce China-Europe Railway between Ganzhou and Budapest in Jiangxi Province will start operation this year, and it is expected that in the three years from 2021 to 2023, the number of China-Europe Railway trains between Ganzhou and Budapest will reach 1,000.