Zhengzhou-Athens cargo route set sail The second scheduled cargo route from Central and Eastern Europe at Zhengzhou Airport


Henan Daily client reporter Song Min Correspondent Gu Changbao Shi Shufang

Henan opened to the outside world and added a new pivot. At 22:45 on April 18, with the Russian Yeluofei Airlines flight RF9420 fully loaded with Chinese cargo and took off from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, the regular cargo route from Zhengzhou to Athens made its inaugural flight. This is the second scheduled cargo route from Central and Eastern Europe opened by Zhengzhou Airport after the Zhengzhou-Budapest international regular cargo route, and it is also the first regular cargo route from Mainland China to Athens.

At about 21 o'clock on April 18, after the flight flew from Russia to Zhengzhou, it began to fly regular international cargo routes from Zhengzhou to Athens. This cargo flight carries the aircraft type B757-200F. The outbound cargo loaded at Zhengzhou Airport is cross-border electrical and high-grade cargo such as shoes, clothing, toys, and small commodities. At the beginning of the flight, it is planned to fly 2 flights a week, and then gradually increase to 4 flights a week according to market conditions.

This year, Henan Airport Group has closely integrated party history learning and education with the high-quality development of Zhengzhou Aviation Hub, relying on the "Air Silk Road" to upgrade the quality and capacity of Zhengzhou Aviation Hub, build logistics cooperation, build digital platforms, etc. Measures have gradually expanded the integration and cooperation of air cargo. The opening of the Zhengzhou-Athens cargo route is one of the development achievements; the opening of the Zhengzhou-Athens regular cargo route will further enrich the network layout of Zhengzhou Airport's "Air Silk Road" cargo route and enhance the air logistics hub channel of Zhengzhou Airport. Global accessibility is of great significance for accelerating our province’s opening to the outside world, integrating into the new dual-cycle development pattern, and promoting economic and trade exchanges between China and Greece and the Mediterranean region.

It is understood that the Zhengzhou-Athens regular freight route is chartered and operated by Universe Tongda, a freight forwarding company that entered Zhengzhou Airport last year. For more than a year, it has made full use of Zhengzhou Airport’s route network advantages, guarantee capabilities, and customs clearance efficiency advantages. And innovate and develop advantages, expand the scale of cargo source collection and distribution, and successively charter capacity to open cargo routes at Zhengzhou Airport. In the early stage, a regular cargo route from Zhengzhou to Budapest has been opened five times a week, and the construction of the Budapest overseas cargo station project is being actively promoted with Henan Airport Group.

As of mid-April, the cargo and mail throughput of Zhengzhou Airport this year has exceeded 200,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 69%; among more than 240 civil aviation airports in the country, it ranks 6th in the country. Among the 200,000 tons of cargo completed by Zhengzhou Airport this year, international and regional cargo has reached 150,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 99.9%, which fully demonstrates the vitality of our province’s opening up to the outside world.

In the next step, Henan Airport Group will fully integrate into the new development pattern, create a strategic fulcrum for domestic large-scale circulation and domestic and international double-circulation, continue to optimize the freight hub route network, and further improve the air-to-air cargo guarantee capability and multimodal transport system; attract more domestic Large-scale foreign logistics integrators have landed, built a global aviation logistics supply chain system, accelerated the construction of the Zhengzhou Airport North Cargo Area, and continuously improved the development level of the aviation hub to ensure a good start in the "14th Five-Year Plan".